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On January 1, 1999, the towns of Cache Bay and Sturgeon Falls and the Townships of Caldwell, Field and Springer amalgamated to form a new municipality. The following geographic townships are annexed to the Corporation of the Municipality of West Nipissing: Bertram, Latchford, Falconer, Loudon, MacPherson, Beaucage, Pedley, Kirkpatrick, Grant, Badgerow, Hugel, Fell, Bastedo, Gibbons, Crerar, McWilliams, Dana and a portion of the geographic Township of Janes. The Municipality of West Nipissing is divided into eight wards representing an area of 1992 square kilometres or 769 square miles, with a population of 14,149 as per the 2011 Census of Population by Statistics Canada.

In January 1999, the Sturgeon Falls Professional Fire Fighters Association became the West Nipissing Professional Fire Fighters Association because of the Amalgamation.


Vehicles and equipment

We are responsible for twenty-seven licensed vehicles, one Thousand Island airboat , a fire suppression and rescue watercraft unit, two (2) snow machines, one (1) All-Terrain Vehicle (Polaris Ranger 6 wheeler), one (1) Rescue Sleigh (Equinox), Heavy hydraulics auto extrication equipment, including high pressure and low pressure air bags, one (1) Filling Station Compressor, nine (9) cascade systems, seven (7) generators, thirty-five thousand feet (35,000 ft.) of hose, seven (7) positive pressure fans, twenty-three (23) portable pumps, eight (8) chain saws, one hundred and nineteen (119) S.C.B.A. Cylinders, thirty-six (36) Cascade Cylinders, seventy-four (74) nozzles, forty-one (41) pump tanks, one hundred and thirty-five (135) sets of bunker suits and sixty-four (64) S.C.B.A. Dräger Units

Human Resources

The Municipality of West Nipissing has one Fire Chief, eight full-time firefighters (full-time firefighters include 1 Fire Prevention officer and 1 Training officer) and 135 volunteer firefighters.

Programs and Services

  • Public education
  • Smoke alarm program
  • Older and Wiser program
  • Great Escape program
  • Arson prevention program for children ( T.A.P.P.C. )
  • Sparky fire safety program - Risk Watch program
  • Fire safety education material distribution for residents/occupants
  • Issuing permits
  • Inspections upon complaint / preparing reports and issuing written responses to requests
  • Conducting routine inspections
  • Dealing with code compliance
  • Inter-action with building department
  • Training of staff & employees of institutional, industrial and commercial establishments

Fire Department Services 

  • Structural, vehicle, grass, brush, forestry, marine fire fighting
  • Awareness level of hazardous material
  • Vehicle accidents & vehicle extrication
  • Transportation incidents involving vehicles, trains, aircraft and watercraft
  • Water and ice rescue – shore based, water entry, boat etc.
  • Public assistance
  • Police assistance
  • Public utilities assistance
  • Ambulance assistance
  • Community emergency plan participation
  • Fire investigation practices in determining fire cause & origin

The West Nipissing Fire & Emergency Services supports Muscular Dystrophy Canada (Facts about muscular dystrophy in pdf format)

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