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Friday, April 03rd 2020

COMPLETE FIRE BAN has been implemented for West Nipissing.

2020-04-03 — RESTRICTED FIRE ZONE IN EFFECT — The Restricted Fire Zone is in effect until further notice. This is a proactive action to reduce the number of preventable human-caused fires and reduce the risk of wildfires impacting the public. Supporting emergency responders by restricting all outdoor fires in Ontario’s fire region during COVID-19 outbreak   — ZONE DE RESTRICTION DES FEUX EN VIGUEUR — Cette zone de restriction des feux demeurera en vigueur jusqu’à indication contraire. Ceci comporte une action proactive afin de réduire le nombre de feux d’origine humaine, et ainsi réduire le risque de feux de forêt qui pourraient avoir un impact sur le public. Soutenir les intervenants en situation d’urgence en interdisant tous les feux à l’extérieur dans toute la région d’incendie de l’Ontario pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19

Monday, November 05th 2018


La Loi Hawkins de Gignac de 2013 proclame la semaine commençant le 1er novembre de chaque année comme Semaine de la sensibilisation au monoxyde de carbone.


Friday, August 24th 2018

West Nipissing Municipal Fire Ban Lifted

2018-08-24 — AVERTISSEMENT PUBLIQUE — D’aujourd’hui, l’interdiction de feu dans la Municipalité du Nipissing Ouest est maintenant enlevé.S’il vous plait soyez prudent. Chef de Pompier Richard Maranda   — PUBLIC NOTICE — Please be advised that the Fire Ban has now been lifted. Please be fire safe. Fire Chief Richard Maranda

Monday, November 05th 2018


The Hawkins Gignac Act, 2013 proclaims the week beginning on November 1 of each year as Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.


Thursday, May 17th 2018

Press Release - Landfill Fire

—2018-05-17— On May 15th, 2018, at approximately 18:44, the West Nipissing Fire & Emergency Service were called regarding large amount of smoke north of Hwy 17 in the area of the municipal landfill. Large amount of flames and smoke was could be seen while driving on the road toward the landfill area. On arrival fire personnel encountered rubbish from the landfill fully involved. Dressed in proper gear including Self-Contained-Breathing-Apparatus firefighters started fighting the fire. With the help of L.O.B. Landfill equipment spreading the rubbish materials firefighters applied a large amount of water until approximately 03:00 Thursday morning. A small amount of rubbish was still smothering early Thursday morning, which was extinguished quickly. The fire was declared out at approximately 09:10. Fire cause at this time is undetermined and is still being investigated.   Richard Maranda Fire Chief