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Property Inspections

Inspections of properties must be done, or arranged for, when:

  • a complaint is received regarding the fire safety of a property
  • a request is made to assist a property owner or occupant to comply with the Fire Code and the involvement of the Chief Fire Official is required by the Ontario Fire Code

Any inspection conducted must include notification of the property owner or responsible person and appropriate follow-up with enforcement, if necessary.

A Fire Code inspection can be initiated by making a "formal request" or by a Fire Prevention Officer. During the inspection, the property owner will be shown the violations to the fire code, if any, and directed to correct these violations. A Fire Safety Inspection Report, Inspection Order, or other written recommendations will be provided to detail daily, weekly, monthly, and annual fire provisions and equipment maintenance requirements. The Fire Department and property owner can also work effectively together to resolve any compliance issue.


Home Day Care Inspections

Licensed child care programs (, whether home-based child care associated with a licensed agency, or centre-based child care, have to meet and maintain provincial standards. These standards are set out in the Day Nurseries Act ( The standards help program operators to meet the health, safety, and developmental needs of the children in their care. The West Nipissing Fire Services provides Home Day Care Inspections of child care facilities to assess the fire and life safety of a building.

Requests can be made by calling the West Nipissing Fire Services, (705) 753-1171.

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